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Dr. Michael Keeffe

Associate Professor, Department of Management

Dr. Michael Keeffe

Office:  McCoy 305D
Phone:  512.245.3184
Fax:  512.245.2850


Research interests:

  • Leadership
  • Case Research
  • Strategic Management and the Management of Strategy
  • Assessment in Higher Education


Recent articles: 

Natesan, N., Keeffe, M., Darling, J. (March 2009).  Enhancement of Global Business Practices: Lessons from the Hindu Bhagavad Gita.  European Business Review. Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 128-143.
Keeffe, M., Darling, J. (2008). Transformational Crisis Management: The Case of Talent Loss at Microsoft.  Organizational Development Journal.  Volume 26, No. 4, Winter: pp 43-58.
Keeffe, M., Darling, J., & Natesan, N. (2008). Effective 360ยบ Management Enhancement: The Role of Style in Developing a Leadership Team.  Organizational Development Journal.  Volume 26, No. 2, Summer 2008: pp 89-107.
Darling, J., Keeffe, M., & Ross, J. (2007). Entrepreneurial Leadership Strategies and Values: Keys to Operational Excellence.  Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Volume 20, No. 1: pp 41-54.
Kirby, G., Keeffe, M., Nicols, K. (2007). A Study of the Effects of Industry Trends on Hospice Care Organizations.  Health Care Management Review. Volume 32, No. 4, October-December: pp 352-359.
Darling, J., Keeffe, M. & McGlashan, K. (2006). Successful Entrepreneurial Team-Building: A New Paradigm of Development Skills.  Journal of Business and Society, 19 (1&2), pg 143-159.
Darling, J., Keeffe, M., & Olney, R. (2005). High-Context Skills for Cross-Cultural Conflict Management: A Case Involving Marketing in the Peoples Republic of China. Journal of Business and Society, Volume 18 (1&2), pg 51-66.


Teaching interests:

  • Strategic Management
  • Business Policy
  • Management of Strategy
  • Executive Leadership
  • Organizational Analysis and Performance
  • Management/Business History