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Student Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you find an internship for me?

We do not place students in internship positions.  You will submit your resume and/or company application to the companies you are interested in, just as you would if searching for a job. 

I need ideas on where to apply for an internship; where should I look?

The postings on our website are pre-approved for general management and/or marketing internships.  Each includes a job description and company contact information.  We recommend that you also search for internships on Jobs4Cats through Career Services ( 

What guidelines/policies should I be aware of when considering doing an internship?

The internship guidelines, current course syllabi outlining the course requirements, and pre-approved internship opportunities for management and marketing majors are on our website.  Note that this is a 3-hour course; tuition is charged for the internship class just as it is for all other classes you enroll in. 

Does the internship class actually meet?

Although the internship class does not have a regular meeting time, all interns are required to attend a 2-hour orientation session before they begin their internship.  Several sessions are scheduled each semester.  Interns are also required to coordinate a midterm meeting with their supervisor and internship coordinator.

I am a management major seeking the HR concentration or a marketing major seeking the service marketing concentration. Is there a different process for me?

Internships will require an additional step in the approval process for students who are seeking one of the concentrations in management or marketing.  You must verify with our office that the internship you would like to do is approved for your concentration. 

I am a marketing major seeking the sales concentration. Is there a different process for me?

Marketing majors seeking the sales concentration will work with Mr. Wayne Noll.  You may visit the sales internship website at or contact Mr. Noll at

Once I receive an offer from a company, what’s the next step?

If you receive an offer from one of the companies listed on our website, you will only need to submit an internship inquiry form, which is available on our management and marketing internship website. You will indicate on the form what company you plan to intern with.  If you receive an offer from a company that is not listed on our website, you must submit a detailed job description on company letterhead for our approval, in addition to the internship inquiry form.  

What is the registration process for the internship course?

We do not grant registration overrides until you actually have an approved internship.  Therefore, we typically recommend that you register for an advanced elective that would satisfy your degree requirements if you are unable to secure an internship.  Regular academic classes will close due to classroom size constraints and other factors, while the internship class will not.  If you secure an internship later, you may then make schedule adjustments and add the internship class. 

Is there a limit on course work while I am completing my internship?

There is a limit of 12 hours of course work including the internship class for fall and spring internships and a limit of 9 hours of course work including the internship class for summer internships.  In the summer, you may enroll in 3 hours each summer session plus the summer-long internship; you may not enroll in two academic courses in one summer session while completing an internship.